Concepual Portraits
Per Session: from $700.00 session
Per Hour: your location or in studio
Beautiful & Graceful, showing Emotion & Feeling
photo shoot on location, in your home or in studio
the use of lighting, shadows and props create fine art images to show the beauty and feeling.
Included; a DVD of the images set to music and several low res images
( with plenty of choice for; framed fine art image on the best of papers
or Gallery canvas wall hanging, desk top picture or wallet size prints to order)

Optional; makeup artist

Head Shots
Per Session: starting at $100, for groups of 6 or more
Per Hour: individual $175
professionally shot and edited, color, black&white, print and internet use files delivered normally withing 48 hours

Art for Artists & Galleries
Per Object: $25 -$75 each piece
These images (1 to 3 views of each object, as needed) are provided in
Low resolution (for email & web use) and High resolution (for print use) versions.
provided via email or CD.
Made to the precise International "Call to Artist" standards and requirements or your specifications
Artist headshot can also be included.
Web/Email & high resolution print versions provided via email or CD.
Shot in studio or on-location.
Price depends on number & type of object.
Will travel with equipment to shoot multiple artists art in 1-2 days.
Once these images are completed, there are endless opportunities for books, promotional cards, posters, business cards, etc.

Fine Art
Per Session: Artist Proofs available for $50
Currently I am building collections with the intention of being signed to a gallery and only have Artist Proofs available for purchase.
I print "Artist Proofs" of most images seen on this site, on the better heavy cotton rag, Hahnemuhe, Sugar Cane type papers. Normally 8x10 or 8x12 or 10x10, then embossed, pencil signed and matted in 8 ply mats, these are available for $50.00.
And can be purchased be contacting me!
Some Artists Proofs will be printed larger for exhibition and sell for between $300.00 and $2500.00
depending on size and presentation.
When they are in the finial version, printing will be in very limited editions.
Artist proofs of the Absurd Lives of Henri & Wilda normally are 16x20 and are being assembled for a show that includes their fairy tale life story book, Expected to open in the winter of 2013-2014
Hand made Fine Art Books is this years project that I am most excited about! I was inspired by meeting an unbelievable book maker who is hand making Books just for me to tip fine art images into, each will have 10-20 fine art images. A very time consuming project, the first ones will be available at the end of 2013. I estimate they will start selling for about $1000

Per Session: starting from $300, paid in advance to save date
Per Hour: Commercial Photography * Projects
Commercial photography, Projects, Conferences, Meetings, Art Openings, Parties, Balls & Events!
Including Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Anniversaries, Girls Night or Weekend!, Once in a lifetime occasions! (only no weddings please)
Big or Small !
Yearly Contracts available for multiple Art openings.